Google Ads

  • Search Ads

  • Shopping Ads

  • Google Display Ads

  • YouTube Ads

  • App Promotion

  • Remarketing

Why Google Ads?

  1. Reach customers in the moment of need with full cost control

  2. Full measurability of success, down to a single click

  3. Fast setup, fast optimization

  4. Talk to potential customers who are in ready-to-buy audiences

  • Tracking

  • Visitor Behavior

  • Attribution Modelling

  • Revenue Tracking

  • KPI Dashboards

    Why Google Analytics?


  1. Understand your sales channels holistically

  2. Understand how website visitors behave

  3. Understand who visits your website

  4. Track all relevant business KPIs

Google Analytics

Website Optimization

  • Analysis of Website Speed

  • Analysis of user flows and UX

  • Analysis of the design

    Why Website Optimization?


  1. Paid traffic on a non-optimized site is wasted money

  2. Your website is your figurehead - treat it accordingly

  3. Website optimization is not only nice-to-have, but has direct impact on hard KPIs like sales and conversions.


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