Performance Marketing & Branding Agency

Founded by X-Googler Simon Borg


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Place yourself online on one of the many Google platforms. We take care of everything, from strategy development and setup to optimizing and generating sustainable success. Google Search Ads, Display Advertising, YouTube Ads, Remarketing, App Campaigns and more.

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Understand your customers with Google Analytics. Understand buying paths, how different marketing channels interact with each other, and generate insights about your audience. We help you to use Google Analytics as a strong analytical foundation for your business.

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Website loading speed, ease of use and design are not just nice-to-haves. They are factors that, if neglected, have a negative impact on your goals. We optimize your website so that you can always generate the maximum value from your website visitors.


Simon Carl Borg
Touchpoint - Online Marketing
Lise Meitner Straße 2
24941, Flensburg